Coconut Chicken and Shrimp

We love fried shrimp and chicken but as we all know, breading is a NO-NO on Keto. This recipe solves that problem and adds a tropical flair to it.

Hot Dogs

We love hot dogs but many of the store bought hot dogs have sugar, natural flavors and lots of other questionable ingredients. Making your own hotdogs is pretty easy and only requires a few things.

Carnivore Chips

We love meat and we love meat snacks even more. There are some amazing carnivore meat snacks on the market and as good as they are, they can be expensive. This recipe will help you make your own [...]

Chicken Skin Chips

We love crackers but all the crackers available, keto or non keto, have carbs. These chicken skins make delicious crackers and stand up to the "dip" test.  The best part about them is [...]

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