Krispy Chicken Wings

Rachel loves chicken wings. No, seriously, it’s an addiction of hers. We have chicken wings AT LEAST once a week because she loves them so much. When Buffalo Wild Wings used to have their [...]

Keto Chili

Joe grew up in New York and chili was a staple in his house. There’s nothing better than a nice bowl of chili on a cold night. To tell the truth, even though we live in Florida, one of our [...]

Orange Parmesan Salmon

Rachel loves fish but Joe doesn’t. Its kind of odd that he likes sushi but not cooked fish. One thing we have learned though is that since we started living a ketogenic lifestyle, our tastes have [...]

Cinnamon Roll mug cake

Rachel loves dessert every night and this is one of her favorites. It’s super moist, has great flavor and is loaded with fat and fiber. Whether you’re craving that cinnamon muffin from Dunkin [...]

5 Day O.M.A.D challange

When it comes to living a ketogenic lifestyle, we are always trying new things to see what makes us feel best. For the last 10 months, we have been doing intermittent fasting with the first meal [...]

Zucchini Pizza Crust

About 6 months after Joe started keto, I asked him what food he missed the most and his answer was Pizza, he absolutely loved eating all kinds of pizza. I guess thats the New Yorker in him [...]

Keto Krack Slaw

This is one of Joe’s favorite keto meals. Its has loads of flavor and it fills you up. You can change so many of the ingredients to match your tastes . Try substituting chorizo for the ground [...]

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