Chocolate Truffles

This recipe was created by our Daughter-in-Law Michelle. It is a great chocolate treat that's easy to make and is low in total carbs


Fudgy Keto Chow Brownies

This recipe comes to us from a subscriber, Marie Campos. She wanted to ketofy her favorite brownie recipe and we can tell you, she hit it out of the park. If you like your brownies like fudge, [...]


Yogurt Brownies

This is cakey brownie that follows the One to One Protein to Fat ratio. The key is the yogurt which gives a moist cake without adding a bunch of fat


Keto Eggnog

Growing up eggnog was always a tradition in our house.  Most of the time we just went to the store and bought the stuff in the carton, but occasionally, my dad would make his own. One of the [...]


Coconut Flour Pie Crust

This is a simple recipe to make and it's very versitle. For a savory crust for things like chicken pot pie or our taco pie, eliminate the swerve and vanilla


Cannoli Cream Cupcakes

A play on cream filled cupcakes. These delicious cannoli cream filled cupcakes are perfect for the holidays. During other times of the year, simply switch out the flavor of keto chow.

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