Keto Condensed Milk

If you ever had a recipe that you wanted to convert to keto, but couldn't because it called for condensed milk, here is your chance. This is a delicious condensed milk that is perfect for [...]

Butter Mayo

This recipe was inspired by us eating the Beef Butter Bacon & Egg challenge. The difference between this and Hollandaise is the amount of eggs and adding mustard


Save money and make your own clarified butter and Ghee. To make clarified butter, simply follow this recipe and stop before the milk solids begin to toast

Keto “Corn Syrup”

  This recipe creates a Keto Corn Syrup substance that you can use to convert your favorite Non Keto recipes into Keto recipes. It's great for making Carmels, Gummies and even Keto [...]

Tzatziki sauce (Keto Style)

When it comes to greek food, the only thing we love more then gyro meat is the Tzatziki sauce that goes with it. The problem with many store bought ones is they have questionable ingredients. [...]

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