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A year ago, we embarked on a journey with Dr. Ken Berry to see if you can gain weight if you ate nothing but Beef, Butter, Bacon & Eggs for 90 days

He told us that we could eat as much as we want, as many times a day as we want so long as we ate until we were full and kept it to those ingredients.

After eating BBB&E for 45 days and then eating in a similar fashion for another 45 days while slowly introducing foods back, we has some amazing results but the biggest takeaway was getting in touch with our satiety.

Over the past year we have taken a diet “break” and have maintained our weight while eating as much as we want until we are full.

This year, we’ve decided to embark on this journey again but this time we’re including our you, our family.   We have put together a lot of worksheets which we will be posting on our Facebook and Mighty Network pages along with a 30 day course to help people who truly want to dive into the challenge.

So if you are interested in not tracking your food, not weighing yourself, eating as much as you want and getting in touch with your satiety, join us this month as we eat nothing but Beef, Butter, Bacon and Eggs for 30 days.

We’re looking forward to seeing the amazing results this challenge will bring to our community. ❤️

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