Triple B&E

What’s up Family A year ago, we embarked on a journey with Dr. Ken Berry to see if you can gain weight if you ate nothing but Beef, Butter, Bacon & Eggs for 90 days He told us that we [...]

Why Not Wednesdays?

Happy May, Family! If you followed along with our April challenge, you may have discovered some areas in your keto journey which need improvement. But, the thought of taking steps to actually [...]

Stop Fooling Yourself Challenge

Happy April, Family! Joe and I are so excited about this month’s tracking challenge. And, we truly believe it is a challenge which can benefit everyone. Of course, what you track and what [...]

January 2022 Monthly Challenge

Happy February, Family! This post is, of course, to introduce our February challenge. But, even before I do that, I wanted to say I LOVE YOU! I’m so grateful for your life and appreciate the [...]