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Happy February, Family!
This post is, of course, to introduce our February challenge. But, even before I do that, I wanted to say I LOVE YOU! 💕😘❤️ I’m so grateful for your life and appreciate the opportunity to be your friend!
Our February challenge is pretty straightforward: It’s time to deal with our commitment issues.
Commitment is a very powerful word. It speaks of dedication and faithfulness. It’s a personal pledge, which requires us to tap into our sense of duty and honor.
Because of the serious nature of the word “commitment,” we tend to reserve it for what is most important in our life: I’m committed to my partner in life. I’m committed to parenting my children. I’m committed to being a responsible pet owner.
This month we have the opportunity to make a commitment to ourselves.
It doesn’t take much digging for us to discover the areas of our health journey which need a real commitment.
Maybe you have been dating keto 5 days a week and dating the Standard American Diet 2 days a week. And, you know it’s time to commit to one.
Maybe you have purchased the workout clothes, gotten new sneakers, but haven’t committed to actually working out consistently.
Maybe you know a certain food or restaurant is all wrong for you, but you haven’t yet committed to staying away from it.
January was a month to decide what things you want to do differently when it comes to your health goals. February is the month to get committed to actually doing those things.
And, the first step to making a commitment is asking ourselves: What am I afraid of when it comes to this commitment?
Fear is the number one obstacle to commitment. We can be afraid: of missing out on something, of not being successful, of the judgment of others, and even of not feeling happy about what a commitment requires of us.
That brings us to the next big obstacle to commitment: emotion. Babies should be super thankful that commitment doesn’t require emotion because there were many nights I didn’t “feel” like being a mom at 3 a.m. But, my commitment to being a mom got me up at 3 a.m.
This is a great opportunity to stop asking ourselves how we feel about doing things we know we need to do. You may say, “Well a commitment to caring for a baby is different and non-negotiable because there is a precious life on the line.”
But, that’s what you are: a precious life on the line. And, your commitment to your health goals should be just as non-negotiable.
So, despite Hallmark’s best efforts to place our feelings in the driver’s seat of our thoughts and actions during this Valentine month, let’s demonstrate a real love for our lives by making a commitment to our “new do in 2022.” #2krazyketos #february #februarychallenge #commitmentissues
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