Electrolyte Gummy Bears

Rachel likes to call these Keto Care Bears because we care what you put in your body. If you love gummy bears, this is the recipe for you. These gummies give you electrolytes, a healthy fiber, [...]


Save money and make your own clarified butter and Ghee. To make clarified butter, simply follow this recipe and stop before the milk solids begin to toast

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This recipe was developed by our daughter, Michelle, who loves flourless cakes. This is a super rich cake that's a cross between a brownie and a lava cake. It's perfect for anyone who has [...]

Keto “Corn Syrup”

  This recipe creates a Keto Corn Syrup substance that you can use to convert your favorite Non Keto recipes into Keto recipes. It's great for making Carmels, Gummies and even Keto [...]

Nobody wants to be sick!!

There is a palpable intensity this week to “be healthy.” It almost seems like being well is a civic duty. Nobody ever WANTS to be sick. But, right now, it feels like the weight of our communities [...]

Keto Jambalaya

One of Joe's favorite meals pre-keto was Jambalaya but unfortunately, Jambalaya is typically served over rice or pasta. Thank's to Steve at Serious Keto, Joe can now have one of his [...]

January 2022 Monthly Challenge

Happy February, Family! This post is, of course, to introduce our February challenge. But, even before I do that, I wanted to say I LOVE YOU! I’m so grateful for your life and appreciate the [...]