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It was such a tremendous honor to interview Dr. Berry this week. He is such a wealth of knowledge and I learn something new every time I listen to him speak. But, one thing he said in our interview really hit home for me. 

I asked him about the power of attitude when it comes to maintaining good health. And, his response was both so true and so frightening. He said that attitude is very important. However, you can’t make someone with a bad attitude believe that.

Wow, in a time when we need every tool in the toolbox to get through this season of fear, anxiety, stress and sickness, I don’t want to be that person who folds their arms and refuses to see the point of staying positive. I don’t have the luxury of passing on the benefits of Maintaining a good attitude. 

With that said, the capital “M” in Maintaining was not a typo. Maintaining a good attitude right now takes a next-level measure of intentionality. My thoughts and emotions want to pull the covers over my head and stay negative, but I know I’ve got to budget time and energy for exercising those good attitude muscles.

So, I thought I’d share an attitude adjustment activity I’ll be working out with this week. In order to join me, you’ll need to raid the game closet for a six-sided die. 

Every morning, roll the die: 

When you roll a 1, say something you like about yourself (physically). (For example, I like my feet.) 

When you roll a 2, say something you’re thankful for. (For example, I’m thankful for this time together with my kids.)

When you roll a 3, remember a win from your keto journey. (For example, I remember how excited I was to move from a size 14 to a size 12 because it meant I didn’t have to shop exclusively in the women’s section of stores.)

When you roll a 4, say a food you love that you can eat on Keto. (For example, I love ground beef.)

When you roll a 5, say something you’re good at. (For example, I am awesome at singing in the shower.)

When you roll a 6, say a reason to stay keto. (For example, I plan on dancing at my youngest nephew’s wedding. He’s in first grade right now, so I’m going to need to stay healthy for many years to come.)

Don’t move forward with the rest of your day until you complete this workout, allowing time to roll and land on all 6 sides of the die. It may feel forced at first. But, you won’t regret taking the time to build those positivity muscles. Instead of dreading the future, let’s get pumped!

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