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For the month of April, we’re co-hosting the “No-Joke” challenge with Bronson Dant of Apex Training Systems.   For the entire month, we will be focusing on getting our protein in and building lean muscle.

Bronson has put together a body weight exercise program which you can download here: The APEX Training System Body Weight Exercise Program Version 2 .0. Within the PDF, you can click on the links to view videos on how to do the exercises.   He has also put together and an alternate workout program which you can view here: Alternate Workout

Every Wednesday, we will be doing a live check-in at 6pm eastern time on our YouTube channel and Bronson will be there to answer your questions.

You can also join us in our other monthly challenge which we’re calling the “Chopped” challenge.

The goal of this is to have fun and possibly  introduce you to some new proteins.  If you decide to use these proteins, please share pictures of what you make on our Facebook group.

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  • Katherine

    I’m so excited for this. Thank you.

  • Patricia Parker-Bundy (Trish)

    Are there any routines for people that cannot get down on the ground because of knee issues or any other issues? I wanted to incorporate your plan to encourage myself to excersize daily but there is no way I could get down on the ground let alone back up again. I have bands.
    Love you guys

  • Patricia Parker-Bundy (Trish)

    Never mind I found the moderated videos ????

  • Eve Tuttle

    I can’t get the links to the exercise videos to open.

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