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I wanted to share with you one of my very favorite paintings.

I think, “The Responsible Woman,” by James C. Christensen, really captures life. Often, we talk about “wearing lots of hats,” when it comes to being a wife and mother. But, I think this image of “carrying everything” rings truer. Children, chores, work…even the pets…they all need our attention, (and often a lift).

This precious lady has seemingly amassed every stress-relieving tool in the coping toolbox: play some music, stop and smell the roses, journal your thoughts. She’s even tried the “treat yo self” method. I mean, look at those pretty red shoes!

And yet, she still seems to be tripping on something. She looks like she absolutely has it all together, with the exception of her toe knocking the leaves off the top of the tree line.

Once you see the leaves, you see she’s fallible.

At first, I was angry with Mr. Christensen for painting those leaves. She’s doing so much! Why does he have to focus on the fact that she isn’t perfect?!

Then, I realized he wasn’t focusing on that detail, I was focusing on it.

The Responsible Woman isn’t pointing a flashlight downward to spotlight what she stumbled upon. She, like me, probably already clearly knows what tends to trip her up when she’s flying through her day.

She can’t glue the leaves back on the tree. And, letting the trip up change the flight plan of her day shouldn’t be an option.

No, this woman really is doing the responsible thing: she’s looking forward, because that’s where she’s headed.

If you have a foot that’s grazed a few trees this week, I encourage you not to let that be your focus. Instead, see yourself like the person in this painting. She’s doing so much right. There’s so much good here. And, she’s still going. What a victory!

When things get dark, I hope Joe and I can be a candle for you. It’s our prayer to encourage and brighten your keto journey as you continue in the direction meant for you: onward and upward!

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