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The holiday season can actually be super stressful for someone trying to change their life.

Whether it’s attempting to avoid the baked goods at work, finding time and energy to track my macros, or trying to blend past traditions with this new way of eating…it can be exhausting thinking about me.

Scheduling serving during the holidays gives me permission to take my mind off of myself and focus on the needs of others. Interestingly, the side effect of this is I stop sweating the daily hurdles that once took me out of the day. I quickly say no to food temptations I know aren’t a part of my meal plan and get right back into focusing on what I can be doing to make someone else’s season brighter.

Serving others also allows me to be present this holiday season, which is always my goal. Yes, my car still needs to go in the shop. Yes, the floor still needs to be vacuumed. Sure, presents still need to be wrapped. I could be overwhelmed and depressed. But, right now, in this moment, there is joy to be shared and happy memories to be made.

Join us, for the next 12 days, as we live each moment being #ChristmasPresent. And, please share with us the creative ways you are finding to serve the needs of others here in the comment section and on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #2kk12dos and #coastal12dos

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