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I’ve got my book of baby names out on the coffee table!

After all, Joe and I are expecting…baby chicks!

We’ve learned our lesson when it comes to naming animals. Over the years, we’ve had pets named “Trouble,” and “Rascal.” And guess what: they lived up to their names. We also had a Labrador named, “Angel.” And, she lived up to her name, too.

When you name something, you inadvertently set your expectation level for it. It’s kind of like when you’re in a race and shout out, “I can’t run any further!” Right after your mouth “calls it,” your legs stop running seemingly in obedience to your words.

I’ve been guilty of calling myself names like: “Stress-Eater,” “Snacker,” and “Out-of-control.” So, when my actions live up to those names, I excuse them. After all, that’s who I am, so that’s what I do.

But, that’s not who I am. Who I am is, “goal setter and goal achiever.” I’m “strong,” I’m “capable,” and I’m “successful.” And, in the future, I want to be even more successful in my health goals. So, why don’t I “call it” now and start answering to “winner” instead of “whiner?”

Joe and I want our sweet chicks to be a blessing and not a burden. So right now, before their eggs have even started to crack, we’re entertaining names like “Joy” and “Peace” for our little feathered friends, because that’s our expectation level for them.

This week, take inventory of the nicknames you have for yourself. Are there any which could use a new name? 

Yes, you’re setting a high expectation level for yourself when you say you’re “beautiful,” “handsome,” “amazing,” and “victorious.” But, that’s ok. 

On this Fearless Friday, I’m gonna “call ‘em like I see ‘em.” And, I see you as someone who is not only strong enough to meet new, higher expectations, I see you as someone able to exceed them!

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