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Wow, I sure have enjoyed getting to know my new  little chicks this week! They are 7 adorable little ladies, each with a very unique personality. But they all share one thing in common: not one of them has laid an egg yet!

I’m providing them with food and water, I’ve monitored the temperature in their brooder, I’ve cleaned up after them every day, (And let me tell you, they’re poop machines!). They have everything they need to be successful and yet…still no eggs.

I’m including a picture of Hannah, because she really does have such a sweet face. I can’t imagine yelling at her or belittling her for her lack of progress. Yes, she has what she needs to be successful, but it’s still going to take time. Brahma chickens tend to mature slower than other breeds. So, not only will it take time for her to be successful, she may actually be the very last hen to lay an egg. There’s a really good chance she may watch her coop mates lay eggs for weeks or even months before she lays her first egg.

But, I’m ok with that. Hannah’s name means, “grace,” and it’s easy for me to extend grace to her. Yep, I can have grace for a chicken. Sadly, I don’t normally have too much grace for myself.

When it comes to expectations for myself, I want immediate results. I want to see pounds rolling off the scale and staying off. I want to be immune to temptations and stress eating. I want to thrill at the thought of 4-hour eating windows, smaller meal portions and vigorous exercise. And, I want it now.

Hey, I’ve got everything I need to be successful, right?

Well, just like Hannah, success in all those areas is going to take time. I may have to watch lots of my keto family reach their goals way before I reach my finish line.

And, maybe you’re in the same coop as me.

Do this chick a favor and don’t be so hard on yourself. Hannah will see her patience pay off in time and so will we!

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