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Ten years ago, my tombstone would have read, “No Better Than I Expected.”

I said it ALL THE TIME.

When the car was packed for a day at the beach and it started raining: “No Better Than I Expected.”

When I was running late for work and traffic slowed to a crawl: “No Better Than I Expected.”

When the lady at Costco served her last cheese sample to the person in front of me: “No Better Than I Expected.”

So, of course, when I set goals for myself and failed at achieving them, I would say to myself: “No Better Than I Expected.”

My expectation level for success in any realm of my day was lower than the bar on the last round of a limbo contest. Faith would have to miraculously contort itself around my disbelief if it had any chance of elevating my expectations for good things to happen.

I consoled myself that I was a “realist” in life. But, really I was a coward.

It takes guts to expect results. It takes courage to proclaim victory when you’re walking up to the starting line of your day.

That’s why it’s so cool when someone makes the winning shot in a game of pool: they’ve got to call out what pocket the ball is going to end up in before they make the shot.

I like The Message translation of Matthew 15:18, “What comes out of the mouth gets its start in the heart.”

In order to raise my expectations, I didn’t just need to change my expressions. I needed to change my heart. That’s tough to do; way too tough to do on my own.

This week, I had the privilege of attending Relate 2020, a ministry conference held at Bayside Community Church in Bradenton, Florida. I was there to learn how I could better serve the families and volunteers as a children’s pastor. But, as I listened to different speakers in our breakout sessions, I couldn’t help thinking how applicable these messages were for my keto journey.

One of the speakers shared a message emphasizing we are, “Better Together.” As human beings, we often want to share our victories, but isolate ourselves when we struggle. The problem with withdrawing from others is that we forfeit any hope of getting another perspective. We’re left with our singular narrative of circumstances. And, that negative narrative can really do some long-lasting heart damage.

I’m so thankful for the 2KrazyKetos family. It’s not just because I love seeing everyone share their beautiful progress. It’s because they also share their expectations. When I am having a day struggling to expect good things for myself, I can reach out for encouragement. And, there is always someone to proclaim victory for my keto journey. They believe I have what it takes to be successful. And, that raises my limbo bar notch after notch, until I can stand up straight and proceed confidently.

As you head into the weekend, don’t listen to thoughts like, “How low can you go?” “How are you going to go off-plan this time?” Or “Do you really think you have what it takes to be successful?” You don’t have to rely on your own expectations. Your 2KK family has expectations for your success, too. And, they’re sky high!

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