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This week, the Deep Blue Sea trilogy was on sale for $10.

Honestly, before we were notified of the sale, I wasn’t even aware there was a Deep Blue Sea 2 or 3. But, we had both enjoyed the original movie. So, Joe figured why not buy it.

When I saw them in our “recently purchased” movie folder, I sort of rolled my eyes. The plots of these movies were so predictable: group of scientists, dangerous sharks, some folks make it/ some don’t, sharks are defeated in some explosive way.

These movies were going to be too…what’s the word…simple. They were going to be simple movies with simple plots. Leisure time can be so hard to come by with our busy schedules. Shouldn’t we be trying to elevate our down time?

We should be buying critically-acclaimed, thought-provoking, art house movies! We should be stretching ourselves as movie buffs by watching cinematic masterpieces that leave you feeling emotionally overwhelmed, (and maybe even a little confused).

Deep Blue Sea 2? Too Simple.

But, Joe had already clicked the buy it button, so I grabbed my plate of Buffalo Wild Wings and started watching the underwater adventure.

Just as I suspected, there were sharks, there were people trying to outsmart the sharks, and there were explosions. What I didn’t expect was how much I’d enjoy all that.

It was simple, but it worked. I wanted relaxation and entertainment. And, that’s exactly what I got! It was great!

We’ve been living this keto life for a while now. And, sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to elevate our meals to some new stratosphere. We think we should be reaching for all the ingredients for whatever new keto-approved dish is trending. We feel lazy if we aren’t mastering new cooking techniques, trying out some new appliance, or attempting a complicated recipe.

But there’s something to be said for keeping it simple: a plain old hamburger topped with a fried egg, chicken salad using chicken right out of the can, or a great hot dog topped with leftover chili.

They’re simple meals that are simply great. Reasonably priced and easy to make, they fuel the day in a flavorful way. They’re not complicated, but they don’t have to be.

What are some easy, go-to meals you’ve been leaving out of the rotation because they’re so simple they have no chance of making the Instagram feed?

Toss those tried and true ingredients in your shopping cart this week and keep it simple. I know exactly how your meals will turn out: delicious.

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