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Growing up in South Florida, I often saw those words scribbled across a vacation tank top in some cool font, nestled between a picture of seashells and a bucket of sand. 

In fifth grade, I saw the same phrase in a Spencer’s gag gift store window. The words were crudely spray painted across the front of an intentionally ripped t-shirt complete with faux seagull poop and a picture of a littered shoreline. 

“Life’s a beach,” became the phrase that first taught me some things can be taken two ways.

As a seventh generation Floridian, I’m guilty of seeing the beach through the eyes of a Spencer’s t-shirt: It can be crowded. The sand is like an elite team of ninjas: able to infiltrate every inch of your property no matter what lengths you’ve taken to fortify it. Finding a good parking space can be challenging. I always bring too much stuff, but am also always missing the one thing the kids wish I brought. Everything you need to carry from your car to the beach is heavy and weirdly shaped. And, you need to carry it all through sand that sinks with every step and is usually the temperature of molten lava. I’m never wearing the right shoes. The waves and seaweed levels are rarely to my liking. And, no matter wear I strategically place my umbrella, I’m almost guaranteed to go home with an oddly-shaped sunburn.

I’ve lived in Florida so long, it’s not challenging for me to talk myself out of going to the beach. But, when friends are visiting Florida from another state, of course you take them there. So, when I found out Chris and Miriam from Keto Chow would be visiting this week, I began to plan a beach day.

I packed the car in my Spencer’s t-shirt, thinking about how long it would take me to hose down everything that would soon be sand-encrusted. I thought about how it would most likely be hot and rainy. And, we’d definitely be nursing a sunburned neck this weekend.

My attitude was very negative. It took two tourists from Utah to turn it around.

As we took our seats along the shoreline, I began to see the beach from a souvenir tank top perspective. 

The sky was beautiful, they noticed. The ocean breeze made you feel like every cell of your body was finally getting the proper amount of fresh oxygen. The water and the horizon seemed like it went on for miles. The sand exfoliated our feet while we enjoyed the much-needed opportunity to both catch up and do nothing. It was just what we needed and not difficult to enjoy. We just sat there and didn’t leave, the beach really did all the work.

Like life, Keto’s a beach. And, if you’ve lived in this lifestyle for very long, it’s not challenging to come up with a list of the negatives. Macro tracking, sugar alcohol fails, weight loss stalls, searching for keto-friendly restaurants, conversations with your doctor…you can scribble it all across a Spencer’s t-shirt. 

My fellow Fearless Friday friends, I encourage to view your keto journey this week through the eyes of someone new to the lifestyle. I can feel my eyes widening as I focus afresh on the fact that I can both enjoy bacon and wear a pant size I never dreamed possible 5 years ago. I slept well last night and didn’t wake up with a headache this morning. My joints don’t hurt. Heel spurs don’t make every step painful anymore. I’m not struggling with acid reflux today. My thoughts are focused, not foggy. I feel energized and optimistic instead of tired and anxious. My health is not declining, it’s improving. 

Keto’s a beach, I have decided to scroll across my day in soft, lovely colors. I’m not a tourist, but I am taking a vacation from negativity. And, I’m glad we’re sharing this trip together.

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