One on One Coaching

From: $50.00

30 minute or 1 hour coaching session via phone call or zoom.  We can help you customize your macros, answer questions or offer support.

(Book $200 of coaching in one transaction and receive $5 off each session, see full description for details)



Please choose who you would like to talk to. If a scheduling conflict arrises, we will contact you to either re-schedule or offer for the other person to do the call. Currently, Joe’s evening schedule changes daily so he may not be available. If you want to make sure Joe will be available, book a morning slot.


30 minute or 1 hour coaching session via phone call or zoom to help you customize your macros, accountability, or just talk about keto.  There is a $10 discount for 1 hour sessions.

Book $200 of coaching in one cart transaction and receive $5 off each session.  To activate, simply add each coaching session time slot to your cart. The discount will automatically apply.  To book multiple appointments, simply choose your time, select book now and then repeat for each appointment desired.  When finished, hit “check out” in your cart.

Before booking a coaching session please note we would make a terrible coach for you if you…

  • Want medical advice.
  • Enjoy spirited debates.
  • Don’t want to talk about your past.
  • Believe positive/negative thoughts don’t matter.
  • Aren’t willing to give up certain ingredients
  • Aren’t ready to identify/move past excuses.
  • Don’t like being accountable to someone.
  • Want immediate results.

We do not issue refunds for coaching however you may reschedule an appointment by contacting us directly.  

By purchasing a coaching session, you acknowledge that we (2 Krazy kids LLC dba 2 Krazy ketos, Joe and Rachel Stauffer) are not doctors, nurses, certified dietitians or any other type of health professional.  The information provided during any coaching session is not clinical advice and is based on we’ve studied and our own personal experience.    Please seek medical advice before starting any new eating lifestyle or workout regimen,  especially if you have any pre-existing  health conditions.  We accept no liability for things discussed during the session


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